Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a week so far.

9 weeks, 5 days. Super excited. Peanut got his/her first outfit this weekend, along with his/her first toys and first care kit. Awwwww. Aunt Amy and Uncle Shaun visited and brought the care kit and gave us a onesie from Joe's Crab Shack.

This weekend was pretty awesome. Shaun and Amy came up Friday night and stayed until Sunday. Friday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had the most God awful waitress EVER! Between taking half an hour or more to deliver drinks and never coming to our table, somehow we got through it.. Until the end. At the end she comes up scratching her wrist looking like she's seriously starting to go through withdrawals and says "I really need a break. Is there anything else I can do? I really need a break."  Uh, what? We don't care if you need a break. Bring us the damn check and get fired already, sheesh. Saturday we went to Branson and had some uber yummy Joe's Crab Shack. YUM!!! That waitress did NOT need a break! She was Johnny on the spot with drinks (which is why I was the only sober one by the time we left). Then just hanging out... Disney store and their 25% off landed Peanut some toys. Aww. Then old time photos. Yessssss. The pics are great. ;) Sunday night after Shaun and Amy left, John and I went to visit Brooke and Aaron. We had dinner with them and hung out and played some games and had AMAZING apple pie a la mode. :D I love that chick.

Monday brought clinicals. Oh my geez. Other than getting sick to my stomach while at the hospital and the crazy amount of stress going on between my classmates and I and our instructor.... It wasn't so bad. (I'm really, really trying to be optimistic here.) I did learn something, and that something is don't trust your nurse. Look at the doctor's orders. Otherwise you're going to freak out because you're taking care of someone who is on a medicine that is generally used for one thing, and it turns out that it wasn't prescribed for that. At all. Something TOTALLY different. Yeah. Look at the doctor's orders.

There's a lot of paperwork this semester. A LOT. We also have a super strict perfectionist instructor, but I think I'm starting to get a feel for her. She knows a lot, honestly. And when I asked her for help with my paperwork, she was more than willing to sit down and help me. I think right now we're all super frustrated, but as the semester goes, I think it will get a lot better as we all get a feel for each other. I may be at an advantage in the situation though because I'm in clinicals with a totally new group. I didn't have any of these folks last semester, so I'm having to get a feel for them in the clinical setting as well. Soooo I'm just feeling out everything. New hospital, new clinical group, and new instructor with new rules. I'm pretty adaptable though, so we'll see how it goes. I hope it starts going better for my classmates as well. Ladies, I know we're all stressed, but we can and will get through it! I promise, we will make it!

I think the worst part is clinicals until 9:30 pm on Tuesday night then class at 9 am Wednesday morning. For me, who lives relatively close, I get home around 10 pm then in bed within an hour... Up at 6:30-7 to leave by 7:30 to avoid being late. Now we have one classmate who lives in Eureka Springs... That's an hour to an hour and a half drive... Phew...

I am soooo super tired and sitting in class with my pants completely unbuttoned and unzipped because I can't do it otherwise. Love you guys, but this Adventure in Shandiland has to end so I can pay attention. ;)